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Hi There

I wonder whether you can help.

While driving the other day, the SID units 'bing-bonged' and said that I had rear break light failure.

Upon stopping and checking, all break lights were working, but then something very strange happened; namely:

1) When indicating right, both come on

2) When indicating left, nothing happens at all

3) When turning the head lamps on side or dipped the windscreen wipers start working

4) Upon parking and locking the car, the front internal light turns on and off intermittently.

5) Using the switch inside the car, only the front interior light will work. The rear interior light doesn't work at all. This also goes for when the doors are opened.

6) All the while, the relay switch under the dashboard is clicking ninty to the dozen.

7) Every time the relay clicks, the heater rear windscreen turns on and off

8) This problem is also affecting the temperature gauge - it works intermittently.

9) The 'wear seatbelt' sign also flashes on and off...

10) does the 'door open' sign (when a door is opened).

Sounds a complete nightmare, and it is. BUT the car still starts and runs as well as it did before the problem.

I have had an independent SAAB specialist look at it, but it was getting too expensive, so I asked him to stop work.

He had looked at the following:

'Removed fuse box relay board and glove box, removed ICE box, checked wiring for indicator/hazard and wipers, disconnected light units, wiper motors, removed SID unit to see if it was faulty.

The diagnostic report as coming up with fault codes B1433 and B1525.'

According to this website, these code mean:

'Wiper Brake/Run Relay Circuit Short To Ground' and 'Keyless Entry Circuit Short To Battery' respectively.

I don't know what the next step would be now. The car only cost me £900 as part of a part ex in near pefect condition for age with 75,000 on the clock, full service history and all MOT & service receipts. Seemed like a good buy at the time! Now it is more like good bye...

Since then I had a starter motor problem (repaired under warranty and unsure what work was done) and now this.

As such I don't really want to be spending an awful lot of money in getting it repaired further.

My questions are, have you heared of a problem like this before, and if so, is it easily remedied with a new part to avoid the costly diagnostic charges?

Any help appreciated.

Many thanks

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