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sentronic +2 question

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Anyone knows what the sentronic +2 overdrive transmition is on the new 9-3 SS aero

When do the two overdrives come in use?
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Viscouse said:
Is it the same as this?
Automatische vijf+twee versnellingsbak

I saw this option on the Swedish Saab site but couldn't translate it.

I wonder where this can be found besides Sweden. The brochure is for 2005 models.
Huh?! That´s not swedish...I think it might be dutch, and my best guess is that it means "Automatic gearbox+paddles (for the steering wheel) but I´m not sure...:roll:
aeroride said:
When do this overdrive are used? I have been driving my new aero for two months allmost and I am not sure when these overdrives kick in. anyone has details on how they are used and what is their purpose? I know we don't activate them manually, but would like to know more about it.

They are not overdrives, they are gears that sort of come between the other gears to make the acceleration faster and smoother. Saab calls these gears 2,5 and 3,5 i.e. they come between 2nd and 3rd gear and 3rd and 4th gear respectively.
mbodo said:
So .. are we really talking about two physical gears in the gearbox, or a trick with the torque converter .. Obviously, I flunked "Automated Transmission Theory"
Ehum, so did I... ;oops:
I wonder why Audi is the only manufacturer that has the DSG? The DSG has (if I understand it correctly...) 2 clutches which makes the acceleration just about as fast as it can be, for instance, the A3 3.2 Q is around ½ second faster than manual 0-60.
Or is there a huge downside? The cost for the DSG at AUdi is the same as any automatic..
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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