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G'day all....

I took my '03 Linear to the dealer to have my AUX function activated and asked for a couple of other upgrades/updates.

Asked for upgraded stereo software/settings....told there was none for 150W stereo.

Asked to have the "Comfort Open" option activated (e.g. all windows & moonroof open when unlock button is held)....told that wasn't available unless I had anti-pinch windows, which I don't. I was all set to argue for having the "Open" but not "Close" function, if the dealer raised safety or liability concerns. Drat...I really wanted to have my windows open after the car sits in the sun all day.

In reading various posts in this forum, I've gotten the impression that some (but probably not all) of the Tech2 changes that are available on other models (Arc, Vector/Aero) may be available for the Linear.

Can anybody clear this up? For those of you with Linears, what kinds of "kewl" Tech2 stuff do you have?????


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