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Looking to run a secondary electrical system out of the trunk via a RigRunner for my radios and other accessories so I don't have a bunch of RFI coming back down the line. I'm slowly converting my Saab into a Swedish version of KITT, and wanted to design an electrical system that I could just plug-n-play with instead of running everything off the battery.

Has anyone built a secondary electrical system? What about different alternators? Are there any that have better shielding? Is the RigRunner the best module for this? Or is there something better out there? I will eventually be getting a custom-molded dash, so I want the electrical out of the way now.

Currently running a President McKinley on a Stryker SR-A10MM in the CD player slot, with plans to add a TPMS, a Uniden BearTracker, camera system with blind-spot monitors in the corners of the windscreen, backup camera, and forward-facing infrared camera that will tie into a HUD akin to the Cadillac XLR, only bigger, PA system (tied to the CB through an amp), LED chase bar on the front (because KITT, hello), and anything else I come across that hasn't been added to the list yet. This is to say nothing of the non-electronic list of components still to be added...

So as you can see, electrical draw will become an issue before long. Appreciate any help on this as I have no idea what I'm doing beyond tying one piece in after another.

Pic for attention.

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