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So, front driver seat leather is cracked, and I can't imagine (me) being able to make an acceptable repair as others on here have done with patch kits.

If I bite the bullet and buy a new leather seat cover, how hard is it to replace the seat cover? 1 to 10 effort, tools seat removal etc?

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Remove seat.
Remove seat bottom.
Disconnect heater element.
Cut C clamps which secures leather to seat cushion.

Seat removal:
Keep ignition key in your pocket.
Raise seat in highest position
Move seat in front position and fold backrest to front.
Remove seat securing bolts and seat belt mounting bolt.
Tip seat forward and lift it.
Unplug seat connector and lift seat out.

Place seat in table etc that you can access bottom.
Remove side panel (screw in back).
Remove upholstery strips from front and both sides.
Remove seat upholstery hooks from bottom.
Remove backrest upholstery hooks.

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Well my 04 9-3 Aero CVT seats are trashed (ripped, cracked, etc..)

The only solution, other than swapping, since 9-3 Aero cvt seats are hard to come by is ordering custom OEM like leather replacement covers from:

LSeat -

Has anyone had experience with LSeat?
Any other ideas, solutions or possible swaps?
Are there other similar sites for leather replacements?
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