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Hi SaabCentral!

About a year back I bought my 2006 9-3 2.0T Auto with 127k. It's a one-owner car that I bought from the head database programmer at my engineering school. He loved it and maintained it perfectly until early last year, when in a matter of months so many things had gone wrong that he decided it wouldn't be worth it to have everything fixed. I bought it for $1700!

It took a fair amount of work to get everything up and running again, but boy was it worth it...this is a fantastic car...I knew my childhood obsession with SAAB wasn't in vain! ;ol;

Here's a quick list of everything it needed:
-Starter Motor (Barely started and drew enough current to throw a ton of codes)
-Blower Motor
-Front strut bearings (The owner had a shop install new struts only 2,000 before I bought it, but they completely destroyed the bearings during the job...:()
-Right taillight lens
-Both key fobs (Apparently they make great dog toys..)
-Passenger door lock
-Brakes all around
-A/C Recharge
-Left taillight bulb assembly (Old one was fried with melted plastic..scary)
-Both rear fog bulbs
-Slow leak in two of the tires

With the exception of the windshield and the strut bearings, all the repairs above have been completed with little to no roadblocks!
I actually found this car really enjoyable to work on, all mechanical components are both sturdy and thoughtfully designed. Gotta love Swedes :D

Anywho, I'm excited that I've finally got a SaabCentral profile and look forward to getting involved on this site!

Oh, and meet 'Sven' :cool:



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Dang, that is a steal. Good job.
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