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Neither the pump nor check valve are really "serviceable." The valve should be replaced when performance is in doubt. The pump is "salvageable" in some situations if you address problems quickly. Typically the check valve fails and you get water buildup in the SAI tubing. This is condensate normally present in exhaust. It pools in the lowest point, which happens to be the SAI pump. You usually have a CEL by the time it gets this bad. If water sits in the pump long enough it rusts the pump bearing and the pump will seize. Then you need a new pump which cost several hundred dollars. Dealer will want about $1200 for parts and labor. Both check valve and pump must be replaced.

Thing to do is inspect the check valve intermittently as described in the FAQ. If you get signs of trouble, address them! New check valve is easy to install. About as hard as changing a tire. If you replace the check valve soon enough the pump will not suffer.

SAI pump is really just an air blower, like a hair dryer.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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