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Last week's Spyker extraordinary shareholders meeting did not handle the name change from 'Spyker Cars NV' to 'Saab Spyker Automobiles NV', because of possible legal disputes.

The owner of the Saab brand name, is Saab AB. Saab AB contains Saab Aerosystems (maker of the Gripen). Saab AB have now stated that they have no problem with Saab being listed at the stock exchange, and the name being used by Spyker Cars. So everything is looking good, and all the papers will probably be signed this week for the change of name..

The Champagne can't be far away now :cheesy: ... who out there is still pessimistic about the deal ...

EDIT: I just found confirmation of this on Ryans "SaabHistory"

“We have absolutely nothing against Spyker Cars’ takeover of car brand Saab, which we see even very positive” said press officer Ulrika Fager. “There is no risk of confusion, because the car has a different mission from the defense company Saab.”

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Historic: Blow by blow details of the Sale.

Following are the key events that we have all been following at Saab:

Jan. 11 - GM says it has been in talks to sell Saab.
Jan. 12 - Sweden says it will not take a stake in Saab or give more aid.
Feb. 23 - Sweden says it can guarantee a European Investment Bank loan to Saab if a new owner emerges that can cover half the necessary financing.
Aug. 18 - Swedish sports carmaker Koenigsegg agrees terms with GM on a deal to buy Saab.
Sept. 9 - Chinese state-run company Beijing Automotive Industry Holdings (BAIC) inks deal to take a minority stake in Koenigsegg as part of deal to buy Saab.
Nov. 24 - Koenigsegg says it has pulled out of talks.
Nov. 25 - BAIC says it is reviewing its options.
Dec. 1 - GM's board says it will consider offers for the brand until the end of December and will then decide whether to close it.
Dec. 2 - Spyker says it is talking to GM about buing Saab.
Dec. 14 - BAIC says it has acquired some Saab assets, including intellectual property for the 9-5 and 9-3 model platforms and some production equipment.
Dec. 18 - GM says it will start an orderly wind-down of Saab, saying the Spyker deal could not be completed in reasonable time.
Dec. 20 - Spyker submits a new, fast-track bid for Saab and GM says it will evaluate several new expressions of interest.
Dec. 30 - GM extends a Dec. 31 deadline for bids for Saab, which will restart production lines in January after a shutdown, Saab says. Spyker CEO Victor Muller says GM has extended the deadline for a final offer from the Dutch carmaker until Jan. 7.

Jan. 4 - Spyker says it will submit a final bid for Saab assets before a 2200 GMT deadline.
Jan. 7 - A Swedish newspaper reports two Swedish groups are likely to make last-minute bids for the GM unit.
Jan. 8 - Spyker submits an improved bid. GM names a restructuring firm to manage Saab's wind-down.
Jan. 12 - GM CEO Ed Whitacre tells journalists at the Detroit Auto Show: "We're closing down Saab".
Jan. 26 - Spyker clinches a last-minute deal to buy Saab for $400 million, $74 million in cash, the rest in deferred shares.
Feb. 8 - Saab wins EU regulatory approval for a state guarantee of a 400 million euro ($546 million) European Investment Bank loan.
Feb. 12 - Spyker shareholders approve deal.
(Sources: Reuters/
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