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Name: SAAB 9-3OG Aero MY'00, 5dr

Location - additional details: Kraków/Katowice, Poland(continental Europe)

Means of contact: PM here, email: [email protected], mobile: +48 530534874(English, German)

Price: ca 3700 Euro, negotiable

Transmission Type (auto/manual): Manual

Mileage (miles/kms): ~315k km

pretty neatly cared daily commuter. Due to life circumstances I am forced to sell it, despite the fact that I planned to renew and keep it to register as a youngtimer(renovation stopped at about 75%). The only big things left to restore is mild external and internal detailing - aesthetics. Other option was to trade it for blue Viggen cabrio, when I would have another car for daily transportation. Unfortunately it won't happen now.

To the point:
/smudge - corrected and everything cleaned. Serviced every 10kkm, oil Valvoline VR1 Racing 5W30.
/timing chain - done at ~240kkm
/engine partially overhauled at ~255km
The pans and bearings have been replaced, cylinder head skimmed.
All other major parts were in prime shape - no need for replacing. Things like gaskets etc. were obviously replaced. No leaks since
/turbo - rejuvenated at 255kkm(along with the engine overhaul). No leaks since
/exhaust manifold - replaced at 255kkm along with the whole exhaust(forw-mid and rear)
/clutch - replaced completely at 255kkm
/gearbox - was checked at 255kkm, prime condition at that time
/DI cassette - replaced at ~280kkm(old one is still functional, will be in the trunk)
/crankshaft pos sensor - replaced at 280kkm
/fuel pump - replaced at ~295km
/suspension - replaced left forward suspension arm, rear axle bushes
This is all I remember at the moment.
Price includes two sets of wheels with decent tyres. Summer ones(Pzero nero GT) are starting their second season. Winter ones(Alpin5) are after a second season. Both sets have been rejuvenated within last year.

/minor external flaws(most of them can be seen on the photos), like:
paint scratches on the left side of both bumpers, paint cracks below rear doors near the wheels(on both sides), some minor rock chips in the front and on the roof, trunk doors need corrosion protection at the bottom(see photos)
/cruise control is not working - pedal position sensor(s) need(s) to be replaced
/drivers seat have a signs of wear(one crack in the leather needs to be treated with priority - see photo)
/headlights switch moves a little in the dash due to cracked plastic, works fine(it was on the bottom of my renovation priority list)
/front fog light switch does not hold its position(does not "click") - obviously not high on my priority list
/the gear lever head(with gear numbers on it) is moving - may be irritating so I'm pointing this out. For me - bottom of my priory list.
/when you loose the steering wheel, the car drifts off slightly to the right - geometry is aligned correctly, wheels are in prime shape(all 8) so i guess suspension needs to be checked and or steering/tie rod end may need replacement.
I think that is all.

All parts used, are genuine OES parts dedicated for this car.
Most of the work(all essential one including engine work) has been done by my friend, who specialises himself only in repairing Saabs(for ca 10 years now) and who drives 9-5 Aero MY'01 with LPG as a daily commuter(also for about 10 years now)

Oh! One more thing, the car has LPG installation with the tank in the place of a spare wheel. For additional 300 Euro I can have it removed without a trace, though it's a most ecological fossil fuel for cars there is, no to mention economical.

Pictures (embedded pics or links to external albums are mandatory):

Link to the album:
If you want me to make a photos of particular part of the car, do not hesitate to contact me.

PS Unfortunately no one cares for this generation Saabs in my country so I need to show it a little bit larger audience. It would be nice if someone wanted to finish what I've started.
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