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Hi guys, im new here so please go easy on me ;ol;

First off i just want to say im terribly sorry to hear about saab closing down, it depresses me that special car brands are being sacked or ruined by boring big german companies that dont really care about the things we stand for. Im an Alfa Romeo man but i think all us "left field" people understand each other though. I sincerely hope someone will buy saab and restore glory.

Now on to business, Heres my plan, im planning to fit the 3.0 V6 turbo with manifold straight on to my brera since us both have basically exactly the same engine (thanks GM!) anyway, im no turbo head that goes on and on about how crap the asymmetric system is etc. etc. i actually believe this is a clever system and perfect for what im planning.

I just have a few questions concerning the turbo system, firstly, i heard the turbo does not have a waste gate, if true, then how is the boost controlled?

secondly, how does saab even out the flow between the bank pushing no turbo and the bank pushing the turbo, surely if the rear bank just easily dumps its gasses as opposed to the front one it cant be healthy?

thirdly, im looking of putting on a bigger compressor wheel but keeping the exhaust turbine so i can push a bit higher volume of air with low spool time, have anyone here done this with their saabs?

and lastly, i read somewhere the assymetric turbo of the saab provides 30% more power from stock so by that logic should the brera go from 191KW/322NM to 248KW/418NM?

forgive me if i ask stupid questions or make dumb assumptions but thats why im here so that you guys can educate me :)

Thanks in advance!
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