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Hi Guys.

Here I present the digital versions of the book that Jim M send it to me a few months ago and after long days of preparing a shooting with my camera I got to the point of having a decent digital version for all of us to enjoy.

This are the Saab service information supplements and for what I saw you can find here the answer to lots of question that I see on the forum and the solution to tons of complains of saab owners.

This books are not only for c900, there is lots of 9000 and 99 information in here.

I will scan the electric diagrams in high resolution so that you can see the color code and numbers that in some pictures are not that clear.

Any comments or improvements to the actual pdfs are welcome.


Part & Service information supplement 1/93 - 12/93

Parts and service information suplement 6/90 - 12/92

Saab Service information supplement NO. 1 1/71 - 10/79, 99 & 900

Saab Service Information Supplement NO. 7A 6/87 - 12/88 99,900

Saab Service Information Supplement NO.2 11/79 - 8/81, 99 & 900

Saab Service information supplement NO.3 9/81 - 12/82, 99 & 900
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