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I keep reading in SAAB ads that SAAB is consistently rated "safest" despite the fact that when most Americans think of safety they think of Volvo (I don't know if it's different elsewhere in the world).

Folksam leader
& EuroNCAP tops
Thatcham best seats
Double "Best Pick" from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)

I see that SAAB got top marks from EuroNCAP & IIHS, Folksam deemed them "safest", and Thatcham declares their seats the safest in rear-end collisions.

Then why is it that so many Americans think that their "Yank Tanks" (as I understand our British friends call them) are safest?

Do all of these aforementioned comparisons disregard SUVs and pickup trucks? Or if a SAAB 9-3 and a Cadillac Escalade collide does the SAAB passenger have a better chance of surviving?

Many American "soccer moms" buy SUVs because they believe it keeps their 2.5 children safer. Are they wrong, or is SAAB skewing its statistics by disregarding SUVs? I believe that large SUVs are not as popular in Sweden or the U.K. as they are here and most of these safety tests are conducted there, are they not?

I don't want to rain on anyone's parade but it's hard for me to try to explain to a Ford Expedition driver that my 9-3 5-door is safer than their vehicle...
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