I am selling RARE Saab R900 Recaro seats (front and back). The images of back seats couldn't be uploaded even thou i didn't excel the limit of 20MB, don't know why...

Front seats:

As you can see on the pictures they have parts where they are worn out because of use, but in reality the condition is really good considering the age of seats. The function of moving upper part of the seat via lever on the side is fully functional. Extension part for the support of legs is also fully functional (picture 3). The comfort is incredible and the tricky part is when you sit, they basically hug you and you can't move, they keep you in place.... wonderful.

Back seats:

As i said i couldn't upload the pictures, but you can see them little on some of the photos. They are in very good shape, have some signs of use but nothing like front seats. The middle part goes down to become arm rest for passengers sitting in the back and also reveals the door for reaching in to the trunk. Mechanism for lowering the seats (in level with the trunk) functions properly.

If there are some questions you have, or i have missed something, feel free to ask.

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