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Hi guys.

So I've always liked Saab's but never owned one until yesterday, when I decided to go old school and buy a 2001 9-3 SE 2.0 Turbo.

I'm used to driving modern German diesels like the Golf GT-TDI, Mercedes ML320, Jetta TDI etc and haven't had a petrol turbo car since the 90's.

First thing I noticed is the heat coming from the engine bay after driving it home. I did give it a fair amount of right foot so as to test the acceleration and hear the wastegate pop but it wasn't excessive or prolonged and the temperature gauge stayed right below the middle where it should be. Coolant was all topped up and fine but the heat coming off the engine felt slightly concerning.

It it normal for the old petrol turbos to get hot like that or could I maybe be looking at an overheating problem?
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