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Saab newbie in Colorado

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I'm a new member from Colorado Springs. My 2005 9-3 2.0t has a few electrical issues. One is the fuel gauge.
the PO says it needs a fuel sending unit. HOw do I test that.?
Second is various eletrical issues. Driver window pinch protection intermittent problem and left turn signal works intermittently. Passenger rear door lock intermittent?

Any help is appreciated.
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Not too familiar with the 9-3, but I would use the WIS to find where the fuel sender wires go in the front of the car and check them with a multimeter.

You have a lot of weird electrical issues. Is there a body module with all of these in common?
1: You can read fuel (and even run fuel gauge) with TECH2.
2: Window, reset pinch protection and re-learn windows, this might help.
3: You have CIM failure (actually turn signal switch pack issue).
4: You have either RH back door lock module or door module failure
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