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Well my Saab is no longer accident free :( Driving home from work last night about 1/4 mile from my house got on a bit of ice very slick ice turning into my developement. Was creeping when I got on ice but as I slid down the hill on the ice I picked up speed to about 10 mph. Hit the tall curb almost straight on, passenger side hit just a little first. Both front tires jumped the curb then the car slid on the frame rails accross the curb until it got to the back tires and stopped. I feared the worse. Saab roadside assistance was on the ball and somehow in all the traffic diaster that was going on in the area had a tow truck out to me in exactly one hour (exactly when they said they would be there!). I walked back and met the driver and noticed that my passenger side tire was now flat. They pulled me off the curb, put the spare tire on and got me on my way quickly.
Called the dealership up this morning to see when I could get in to find out the damage. They got me in right aways this morning as an "emergence" about an hour later brought me back for the news, and I am just amazed at how little damage was done. One new tire, but both rims that jumped the 7-8 inch curb at 10 mph are fine except for a scuff on one rim that you can't even see once tire is mounted. Can't believe my 16 inch allow rims survived that! Front end allignment just to make sure nothing else was out of whack. Only other damage was to the plastic. The air shield that goes under the engine right behind spoiler and the fender lining on passegerside was shattered and I had them replace. Also had to replace the back passenger side jacking point (big hard plastic 'bumper' up above the jacking point) that pop off. I was due for oil change and tire rotation for 20,000 mile service so that was also performed. I added 4 wheel balancing and a winter service checkup. Out the door including taxes for $608, and they had me fixed up and back on road in under 4 hours!
Most expensive was replacing the two plastic guards parts and labor for $210. Only bad side is that I had to buy another P6 tire, but I still somehow have decent tread left on the original P6's at 19,000 miles. Guess being designed and built in a place that gets a lot of snow they learned to tuck everything up underneath the frame rails, but just amazed that I could slide the car across a curb on the frame rails and that didn't do any damage. Lots of cars I would be looking at thousands of dollars in new exhaust, oil pan, suspension and who knows what else.
Saab and dealership did just amazingly well.
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