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Just wanted to let those who may not know there is various Saab Badges or Emblems out there. OE metal, plastic, and even vinyl 3D decals. We all know those badges have paint that peals off especially when your going through automatic car washes. When I bought my truck it's hood badge was scared already prob. from the above and got worse as the days progressed. I replaced it quickly with OE $25-35 US dollars badge. I hand wash my truck but when I take it to the dealer they go automatic on it. Until I told them please don't wash it since I noticed the last time I was there for a recall the dealer had it washed. That's great I thought not realizing they left tire shine on my tires. Normally I would say that's fine but not when you got eye candy rims :nono;. That tire shine took the chrome finish off my rims in the grooves where it ended up sitting after they drove it out of there and parked it for me to pick it up. I would've let them know what they had done if I noticed it at the time and back then my rims were only on there 1st year.

Anyway back to badges I recently noticed my tailgate badge starting to peal away and immediately searched for a replacement. This time instead of buying another 25-40 dollar badge or emblem. I went with the 3D sticker/decal wow great quality for the price and to boot I switch up the red and blue for a red and black carbon. Very nice when I bought the rear tailgates size I went ahead and ordered 2 for the Hood. Although, the hoods badge is still looking great I went ahead for the matching carbon look on it as well and the steering wheel too. Now, I like them so much I will be ordering more just to have for replacements since it takes a few weeks to receive and I don't wanna not have spares.

So, If you all are interested in the carbon look check out these sellers (rim_decals or focuslima) on Ebay they both had the best prices when I searched about a month ago. They are $10 us dollars each I feel kind of high priced but than again cheaper than the alternatives. I've researched so you won't have to. Just didn't know what thread this belonged under since it's actually for all Saabs.

If, a moderator knows where the proper placement for this thread would be feel free to move it there.
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