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Saab Anti corrosion Warranty

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I'm considering getting the bonnet (hood) of my 9-5 Aero tidied and resprayed to fix a small dent where a small piece of cement off my roof landed and 106k miles of stonechips.

The service book has a couple of pages for Anti Corrosion Warranty inspections. It's all stamped up to date and has been done at the same time as the services.

Is this warranty worth anything? Do I need to notify Saab or use a "Saab Approved" bodyshop?

There's a bodyshop next to my workplace that I've taken it to for them to look at. They've quoted me £400 to do the job. It doesn't look like anything from the outside but it's usually full of Ferraris, Lambos, Masers etc etc so they seem suitabel to me.

Any thoughts ?