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Hola, should I go see this car? Buy it? The seller told me it is a Nissan 1.6 motor and a Renault 5 speed transmission. 1967 Saab 96 I am looking for something interesting for a 4 kilometer school run with other kind of pointless cars I own like a Subaru Sambar, Renault 4, VW Safari, Mazda MX5, Clio 172 Cup, etc...


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If you’re going to do a swap in an old 96 I felt like the Ford 1.0L ecoboost motor out of the Fiesta was a good choice. The 3 cylinder motor is small and has the same number of cylinders like the old two stroke (if that’s what your 96 came with), and it’s a Ford motor just like the V4 if that’s the engine your 96 came with. Covered either way and would make way more power than the 1.6 Nissan I’d guess.
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