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Hello All

I am looking for some help with my 93B Race Car, based
in the UK
The car in question is a 93B FIA Le Mans Replica so running
a highly tuned 750 engine (as in period)
In short we are entering the car in the Le Mans Classic June 2021
and possible the Mille Miglia (COVID allowing !)
I am searching for 750GT engine parts
Core (Blocks) Heads Complete Engines for rebuild
If you know anyone with parts please pass them my details

Myles Poulton
0044 7813 101711
[email protected]

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Very cool car. Sorry, but I cannot be of any help to you. Good luck with your search and possible/potential racing activities! You live in a very beautiful place. I'll bet the food produced by the animals in the background is some of the best! Color me green with envy.....

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You should post up a classified ad on the Vintage Saab Club of North America’s website: as many of the vintage fans are members. If you can track down Tom Donney that would help too as he is very knowledgeable about the 2 stroke vintage engines.
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