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Hi There... I was surfing the web and I found out this site and I liked it...:) I have a 93 Vector, 2003, AT, I love the car.. :D It has a nice styling, good power, a lot of features but since new I ve experienced a lot of several issues.. I would like to know if anyone else, with a similar model, has experieced them.:cry:

1)I have changed the Transmissión, it was damaged by the transmission radiator who let passed coolant to the transmissión so the seals and some other components wrecked, I changed trans and radiator.. as far as I know there is a bulleting for this issue.

2) I changed the AC power motor cause It was wrecked.. and recently I was driving and all of a sudden it stoped working and after a while it came to live again.

3) An Airbag message appeared in the center console.. it said that it wasnt working.. and after a while the messeage dissapeared.

4)The Parking aid (passenger mirror movement) is not working anymore, I put Reverse and only the distance sensor are working but passenger mirror is not pointing down.

5) Ive changed the power window mechanism.. I was closing the drivers window and it came out of place, I dissasemble it and I saw the holders (made of plastic) broken.. so .. I changed the whole mechanism and now its working fine.

I dont know if this is because the 93 2003 was the first model made under GM direction.. :roll: I know that the car has a lot of different components made for GM cars.. so maybe all of this issues were corrected during production and new models are free of issues.

Thanks a lot!!

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