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Saab 900S: Head gasket and turbo problems!


I own a 1993 900 S cabriolet (LPT) and, in the last 2 months, I've had serious problems with it.

In october, I took the car to Saab service because the engine was always very hot. They noticed that the car needed a new head gasket. A few days and 2'000+$ (1500€) later, the car was ready but, in December, I saw a little grey smoke coming out of the turbo. I took it again to Saab service and now the told me taht it may need a new/rebuilt turbo. As it is a LPT, I'd like to ask you if you know which model is it, so that I can find one somewhere. On ebay I only find High Pressure ones...

All this is even more strange because the car as only 80'000 miles (130'000km) and they told me that it must been already open before I bought it in 1999, because there's a little damage in the cilinder head...

Thank you!
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