SAAB 9000 Aero, Silver, Sunroof, Wood dash, 120K Miles. 5 careful owners, one for 2 weeks (RAF guy, got it from Astleys in Yeovil, then got posted to Iraq!). Pictures show my personal number, seems it's worth as much as the car now! N52 WNF Seeks warm dry enthusiast (last?) home as 2nd car, perhaps final detail restore to AAA standard it so deserves to enjoy for the last part of its service to motoring enjoyment. Not for some disrespectful know nowt oik boy racer to buy from a quick margin money driven trader to overdrive, wreck and scrap for scrappage after all my work to keep it nice. Go away. December MOT, NO obvious/evident reason not to pass again. Important advisories fixed. Not been anywhere much since the last few. Agreed valuation for insurance purposes £2,800. Nice, clean, no damage, one small dent. Serviced and repaired by owner since purchase, SAAB main dealer before that, condition speaks for itself. See pics, visit car. No limited slip diff = more reliable, unlike the previous Aero, no throttle block failures. Black seats OK, drivers repadded. Everything works. Used regularly for 10 years until COVID, as a detail improvement project and as my only working car, starting from a well kept low 80K mileage. Recent clutch, new front discs and ABS sensors. Spare a/c compressor and alternator. Just replaced both front wings with VGC S/H.. Goes and stops as it should. Still great fun! Big comfy car with fast hatch 'tude! No time wasters. Price is reserve. Highest offer accepted. No rush to sell. Call to discuss condition, history, visit. Must see and drive, or be driven. I really want this to go to someone who wants to keep it, make it even better, while enjoying it and with the free cash and time to do it right when things go wrong, now parts are harder to find. WHY? I no longer can, not enough pension or physical ability, so have fixed all the niggling known wear and tear problems, and prepared myself to let it go. Sadly. The most fun I ever had with my clothes on, and off skis, has been in my two 9000 Aeros, over 22 years of owning them. A lucky person can now share my grins and years of personal 121 care, box of useful bits, etc. Where can you get more fun for the money?
NB I have more pics but they are at a decent resolution, so exceeded the allowance, they are here: SAAB Pics 2020 Sven2