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Vehicle info:
SAAB 900 (II)
Typ: 2.0i SAAB-SCANIA 900 S
vin: YS3DD58JXS202xxxxx
engine: B204I
engine volume: 1985
convertible: no
power: 96 kW
Gearbox: automatic gearbox
Mileage 90 000 km
Crank position sensor wheel pattern: 60-2
Injectors: Bosch 0 280 150 432 ,249 cc/[email protected],14.5 ohm,13.5 milisec pulsewith at idle.

I need the maf voltage output versus flow grams/sec curve.
The ECU's pinout,the wiring schematic for the ECU.

It should the be possible to desolder a connector from a dead ECU and use it to make a adapter that plugs right in to the original ECU' wiring loom for sensors like throttle position sensor, MAF,injectors,coolant temp and intake air temperature( original O2 sensor omitted in the adapter because MSII/III is best tuned with a wideband sensor). That way, the original ECU can be plugged in again if necessary.
If the flow versus voltage data on the MAF sensor is upossible to get hold of, i will connect a "T" piece in a suitable vacuum line, so the MS3 unit can be feed with manifold pressure/vacuum.

Items necessary for flex fuel conversion:
Injectors rated for E85, flow 315cc/min,11.4ms pw on regular gasoline.
New fuel lines (this is debated quite a bit,some says that it is unnecessary,my local saab repaircenter recommended it)
New fuel pump rated for E85.
Flex fuel sensor GM part number #12570260

Things i am unsure of, can anyone confirm it?
I believe that the crank position sensors offset to TDC on cylinder number 1 is 117 degrees.

If flex-fuel conversion takes place, i wont be running on 100% E85 all the time because doing that can cause valve lubrication problems with a necessary top overhaul (at least according to some forums).

I have heard that the ECU gets a signal from the ABS control unit, i think it is Vehicle speed information but i am not sure. MSIII can use it to control boost pressure versus vehicle speed, or logging purpose. MSIII will function 100% fine without.

The vehicle has separate control units for transmission,ECU,ABS,remote controlled door opener/alarm and SRS/airbag.

PS: Carbon canister purge control/EVAP valve control is under development:

96 octane gasoline is now at 15 NOK=1.82Euro per liter.
E85 is at 5 NOK=0.60 per liter.

Misc links:
MS3 page:
MS3 documentation:
Wideband controller with sensor:
Assembled MS3/MS3X unit:
Upgrades for MS2/3:
MAP sensor upgrade with realtime barometric correction:
Real time clock module (MSII only):
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