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Name:Alex Preston

Location - additional details:Manchester M16

Means of contact:phone (PM me for number)


Mileage (miles):124000

Description: Probably only useful for spares:

Good bits
  • Low milage for year
  • Headgasket and gearbox replaced at Saabtec within last three years
  • Lots of service history
  • Wheels are in good condition with Firestone 205s on in good condition apart from offside wheel (see below)
  • Tax till end of month, MOT has a good few months on it
Bad bits
  • Steering lumpy and heavy
  • Camber out on offside (report available)
  • Paintwork faded
  • Headlining down in parts, stapled back up
  • Inside centre console needs re-attaching
  • Window regulators need manual assistance at end of closing travel
  • Sunroof needs manual assistance although I can provide a working motor
  • Offside light cracked
  • Bonnet holding bar off (sits as on pic)
  • Rust on offside wing, always been covered in Waxoyl
Pictures (embedded pics or links to external albums are mandatory):


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