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Soo this is my first post here, I picked up my 2005 Saab 9-5 about 8 months ago, and am loving it!

Its got 98,000km on it and i took it in to the local saab dealer / service center for an oil change on saturday. The old dealer ship is closing down and the service department had transfered across the street to the chevrolet dealer ship. He assured me that I would be getting the same service as a normally would have and even told me I would be getting mobil 1 oil as my manual recommends. I gave him the keys and left for a bit. After I paid and took my car home I realized they put in the normal oil ($3.64 a litre - i guess i should have picked up on it since it was cheaper, but regardless at that point it was already in and they had already drove my car out onto the lot for me to pick up).

I called him back to speak to him and ask if they used mobil 1, only got a voicemail. I decided to just head back over and have him check it. When he saw the receipt he asked the guy who changed the oil, and it turns out he didnt use Mobil 1.

He immediately switched it out and put in the mobil 1.

He actually phoned me back today (returning the voicemail I left him - and had no idea that it was me). I asked him if he had changed out my oil filter when they changed the oil back to mobil 1(which he said they did not) and also let him know this wouldn't be the last he would be hearing from me.

My question to you guys is, is this a pretty serious problem? - i think it is especially because I'm the first to bring it up. I mean I've always taken good car of my car since I've had it (premium gas, synthetic oil changes every 10,000km, ect) and now they've gone and contaminated it. What are some things that non synthetic oil can do to my engine? What can be done to fix or clean my contaminated engine?

I have a letter which im going to be sending over to the dealership expressing my concerns with their service department - and I would like to include some concerns I am having now that this oil has been put in my engine.

but anyways check out my 9-5 and tell me what you think:
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