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I just found out that I have to spend 80000SEK/10000USD on a completely new gearbox for my 9-5 Aero 2003 with 100000km. The gearbox is an automatic Sentronic with paddles on the stearingwheel.

The background is that the ground-cable connecting the gearbox to the chassi har eroded of at the junction to the gearbox. SAAB has never heared this happen before and maybe someone in the passed lowered down the engine/gearbox-mount and forgott to loosen the cable and sheared it a little.

The result when it broke of was that the computer in the gearbox whent nuts and started gearing in between gears. This ended in most of the lamels in the gearbox beeing broken and result, new gearbox is needed

Since the car is imported from Germany and has 100000km the warranty is not valid any more !

So if you are under your cars, Check this ground cabel !!!
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