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Name: Roger
Location - additional details: Colorado Springs (80922)
Means of contact: text or email (in signature block)
Means of payment: Paypal
Price: $25+shipping

Description: Storage Tray (Dash Mount) by Genuine SAAB
Dash mounted storage tray- according to this will fit any 03-07 9-3 sport sedan, 04-07 convertible without ashtray. - I can't know if this is accurate or not, but I trust that site. They are selling it new for $61.

The one I have is used, took it out of my car when I found the ashtray and lighter (aka "the smokers package") at the junk yard. One of the clips is broken, but it doesn't seem to affect the operation any as it sat tightly when installed in my vehicle. The lighter/power port works - I was using it to power to my Sirius receiver. It's not brand new, not perfect, but it's cheap and will look a lot better than a hole in your dash :) The image below is a stock photo, I will send actual pics if asked.

[email protected]
719-two nine zero-105 two
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