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As per title.

I took the car out to clean, had it washed & valeted by myself. Then lowered the soft top which on the very last stage of. Completing the maneuver gave me a warning that only manual operation which is odd as it never missed a beat in three years of ownership. Then I manually pushed the last bit manually simply guiding it to where it normally hides when the roof is open and now the boot will not open at all 馃敁馃憖馃毆馃う馃うarrrgh it simply does the two times flash. When I cleaned the car I took the spare wheel out and hoovered could I have disturbed somthing there? The shark fin was in pieces also so I simply pulled the remaining black cover it off and left the white plastic in place. Any ideas 馃
This is soo comical 馃ぃ馃ぃno such thing ever happened now that the convertible was to be placed for sale tonight this happens 馃うnot a good luck the boot & roof won't operate 馃槖
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low charge in the battery..!!!
Thanks Aaron 馃榿馃憤 if you mean the car battery & not the key fob battery it is only 3 months old the battery but the car has not been used in about 4 weeks being parked up could it indeed be the battery the cause of the boot not opening? Will it also have somthing to do with the manual only prompt for the roof top?

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Yes it can..

Do you have a meter to check batt voltage..
Thanks I can confirm the battery was checked and it was fine. So what I did is I manually helped it by pushing the boot metal cover down then pressing the button for the hood pushes the hood shut securely. So it's the last step that doesn't take place.

I investigated and took pictures which I'm hopinh somone could give me pointers.

The two metal bars on either side of the boot ( see in the picture) one of them seems to be placed correctly touching the nut, whereas the other bar seems off. Do you think I need to pull them back? I'm wondering if they are used just for manually taking the hood down,hence maybe if using the automatic mode
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the bar should not be touching anything or possible have to be aligned with a point of action to facilitate the lifting of the cover?

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Those rods are for roof emergency operation (in owner's manual). They are not connected to hinges when normal operation.

You need TECH2 to determine issue.

You can not open trunk when roof cover is not secured, you need TECH2.
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