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I have for sale 4 Saab Take offs with center caps. Wheels are in near mint condition. There is one wheel with a small (very small) chip on it. The other two have small scratches on them. Wheels WILL BE steam cleaned and clay barred before shipping them once I have a buyer. I'll even try my hardest to fix the imperfections without putting the wheel at risk.

I am looking to get 130 Per wheel or trade for another set of 17's ALL BLACK from the factory not painted, not powder coated, not dipped. ALL BLACK from the factory. I don't want anything larger than 17 as a trade.

I have tires mounted on them now (235/45/17) which I will include for an extra $300.00 (Shipped). Good tread, I don't know the depth but, if you're interested I can send you photos.

Dealer info:
Hollander #: 68238
17 x 7.5, 5 Lugs, 5 Spoke
OEM for years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011

Please text 760-880-1850 or PM however, PM's will be slow
Thank you for taking your time for reading and looking into my thread.


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