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One day I was driving along and changed radio station and I got 4 asterisks "****" appear on the info display on top the dash and the radio stopped working. No matter what I tried over next few weeks and months nothing would get the radio to work. I have the radio control unit which just has buttons (no LCD). I also have the 6 CD in dash unit and that still works perfectly.

I took it to my local SAAB specialist (ex dealer) and they said they have never seen the 4 asterisks "****" problem before. They said they tried to de-program and re-program it to the car but this did not work. No fault code was present. They suggested getting another radio control unit but did not have a clue if that would solve the problem.

I also had another suggestion that it could be the EHU (Entertainment Head Unit)...which I believe is the unit thats hidden behind the A/C controls between the CD player and radio control unit?

Then again could it be some sort of cabling issue?

Has anyone seen this problem with 4 asterisks "****" before or have any suggestions. I would prefer not to buy every part of the audio system on Ebay until I find something that works.

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