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I wanted to make a post describing how I solved my issue because I have yet to see a post describing a solid fix. You can go back and read my post if you want to know more about my issue but basically the car did not want to start warm unless some fuel pressure was bleed off. There was some debate up in the air whether the car needed a software update, or if it needed some new sensors, or if it needed the grounds cleaned. Well, I’m pleased to inform you that you don’t have to worry about any of that. There is a simple solution.

The OEM fuel pump that Saab USE TO manufacture had a small regulator/bypass/valve. Nobody seems to really know what this little part is but it definitely plays a roll in the fuel pump assembly. I want to emphasize that Saab USE to manufacture it with that part because as of 2022, it is almost impossible to find any fuel pump assembly that has that piece of “plumbing” built in. Even the OEM Orio fuel pump assembly did not have this regulator.

I ended up finding a fuel pump assembly with the regulator (after many many hours of searching) and installed it in the car and it worked perfectly. Issue completely solved. This could have been a really easy problem to AVOID if I would have kept the original assembly and just rebuilt instead of trying to replace the whole thing. The tricky part is that many companies still advertise their FP assembly to have the regulator built in but it MIGHT NOT. I bought 3 different fuel pumps (Carter, Orio (OEM), and Napa) and all these pumps advertised the regulator, but none of them actually had it out of the box. This is the problem many people have, they think they are putting in an OEM fuel pump but it’s actually missing a key component.

You must ensure the physical pump you are going to install has this regulator. Just because the fuel pump assembly you ordered claims to be OEM or have the regulator does NOT mean it will have one. You visually inspect it to make sure it’s correct, otherwise annoying issues.

The FP assembly I found was an Airtex pump and it had the regulator. I bought it off eBay. The parts on the Airtex pump were all TI and Walbro which are the OEM manufacturers so I think this was an actually OEM pump (unlike the crap Orio sells). I’ll list all the part numbers of every compatible FP assembly that was ever manufactured for the Saab 9-3 aero (v6). Many have been discontinued but some are still made.

Good luck hunting for one with the regulator. If you’re reading this in the future and you need a fuel pump assembly because you got rid of the original, your only option may be to buy a junkyard pump assembly and replace the pump within. I looked at doing this and there is this one Swedish website that sells pulled parts off Saabs but you’re going to pay an arm and a leg for shipping. Might be that only option left soon though with less parts being made every year. Hope this helps someone.

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