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Really hoping somebody can help with a few problems with my 53 plate Saab 2.2 TiD.

1: The drivers window does'nt work when the key fob is long pressed (comfort open-close).

2: The lights dont flash when i lock the car, but do when i unlock it?

3: Central locking on passenger rear door does not work, but i can hear a sound which sounds like its trying to.

4: Drivers door lock sometimes works and other time it does not?

5: Headlight bulb (H7 type) keeps blowing.

6: Theres a rattle which seems to be coming from underneath the car, but its only there between 1000-1500 revs through every gear, but is not there when being reved in neutral?

Any help with any of the above problems would be greatly appreciated, as i love the car!!
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