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Does anyone know if the rotor size changed on the 2002/2003 (vert) ? Are they supposed to be 286mm, or 288mm?

I've been looking up some Brembo numbers and they show a different set of numbers... The ones they show for 2001 are 286mm (ft) instead of 288mm as I expected.

Rockauto has an odd break at 8/2002 for rotors and their listings are rather confusing. Of course there's the 93-SS introduction that confuses that (I have an '03 'vert but I most always just look for '02 parts to avoid the issue). They have another rotor starting at 9/2002 though, and my car was produced in '03, so that's fuzzy.

The EPC shows different numbers for pre '99 to '01, but they all cross over to the same new number that the 02/03 crosses over to.

Anyone know for sure?
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