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The handbrake cables on my 1993MY 9000CS need replacing. I read through the section on the Haynes manual which said that the tank needs to be lowered a bit (not a problem - I had the tank out a year ago to replace the straps) and also that the passenger seat has to be removed!!!

Is this true? I can't believe that it's a seat out job to replace the cables. Has anybody replaced the cables with the seat in?

Many thanks

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The Gospel According to Alldata:

1. Remove the front passenger seat.
2. Remove the brush seal from the handbrake lever console.
3. Remove the locking plate from the adjusting nuts.
4. Remove the rear section of the centre console by undoing the two screws at the rear and one on each side at the front.
    • Remove the ring and slide the gaiter over the gear lever.
    • Remove the selector lever on cars with automatic transmission.
5. Unplug the connector from the control panel for the electric window lifts.
6. Remove the sill scuff plates and fold back the carpet.
7. Remove the three screws securing the cover panel over the cables.
8. Remove the plastic clip.
9. Unscrew the adjusting nuts from the ends of the cables at the handbrake lever.

10. Unhook the cable from the lever on the brake unit (caliper).
    • Remove the gaiter and withdraw the cable.
11. Remove the bracket from the spring link.
12. Withdraw the cable. Important:
    • On model year 1988 and later cars the cable is run differently.
    • This makes it necessary to lower the fuel tank slightly.


1. Feed the new cable through the grommet in the body.
2. Mount the bracket on the spring link.
3. Run the cable to the handbrake lever.
    • Pull up the threaded end and install the adjusting nut.
4. Pack the gaiter with grease and slide it onto the cable.
5. Hook the end of the cable onto the lever and apply the handbrake to tension the cable.
6. Adjust the handbrake.
7. Install the plastic clip.
8. Install the cover panel over the cables.
9. Fold back the carpet and install the sill scuff plates.
10. Plug the connector into the control panel for the electric window lifts.
11. Install the gear lever gaiter (on cars with automatic transmission, install the selector lever).
12. Reinstall the rear section of the centre console.
13. Install the locking plate over the adjusting nuts.
14. Slide the brush seal over the handbrake lever and into place on the handbrake console.
15. Reinstall the front passenger seat.

Sucks, huh?

But, you should evaluate the job yourself. Alldata approaches certain tasks from the dealers point of view - you may find an easier way. In some respects info from Alldata is about as valid as Wikipedia.

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I did take apart the hand brake cable after my 94cs was crashed. The fuel tank needs to go (or lowered). I am not sure about the passenger side front seat. Then again, it is not a big deal. It is easy enough to remove.
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