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My 9-5 won't start when it's warm but ok when hot or cold. I searched the web and found out it might be the Neutral Safety Switch, and also found the instructions of how to replace it at:

I found a used part on eBay and tried to follow the instructions to replace it. But I was stuck at "lift the dipstick high enough to clear the bolt and move aside". I couldn't find a way to lift the dipstick tube to free up the bolt and then to reach the 17mm nut below. The tube seems attached to the transmission and I was afraid to break it if I pull it too hard. I saw several other guys completed the job by following the instruction and no one mentioned this was a hard step.

Now the car sits in my garage and with parts above the NSS taken out. I don't know what to do now. If someone has done that, please help me...

Thanks a ton

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