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The replacement battery I got for my '03 vector was about 1/2 inch shorter than the original I was replacing. To get the positive post connected correctly I would either have to raise the battery or cut away the corner of the battery tray/shield. I choose to raise that battery.

QUESTION: Is there any "wrong" material to use to sit the battery on in an attempt to raise it? I decided to use a small piece of ceramic tile. A 1/4 inch was all that was needed to get a tight fit.

BTW. I was glad to see the battery die, because the week before the car started to act strange enough that I thought something was wrong...couldn't tell if it was poor gas, the clutch was starting to go or what. The battery going reminded me that battery voltage is everything to this car.

Another QUESTION: Recalibrating window pinch. Do you have to do that to each window separately, or can you do them all at one time? I tried all at one time, heard the chime, but today my automatic up's were not working.

TNX for reading.
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