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1997 Saab 900SE 2.0L turbo vert
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Since picking this up a few weeks ago I'm finding more nicks and dings... a few smaller ones than I originally noticed upon buying. The 2 biggest ones are:
1. Slight impact on left front corner. Bumper gouged and chrome strip cracked. Reglued poorly. I cleaned it up and reglued it better. Might delete the strip eventually and it's not exactly cheap for a new one. Bought sandpaper today to clean up the bumpers and trim.
2. Odd ripple in the left rear wheel arch metal. Must have oddly struck something; the trim mount was cracked, so it was flopping around, collecting dirt under it. I managed to replace it without taking the rear wheel off, and without snapping off any of the plastic clips holding the overlapped bottom trim on. Go me.
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