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I own a 2000 9-5 Aero and the only thing myself and my Wife disliked about the Car was the Wood Grain trim on the Instrument surround. I researched removing it as well as buying a new one without the Wood Grain. Neither appealed to us and being a painter who specialised in custom finishes we decided to paint ours. We decided to go with Specialist Paints Chromacoat Peacock multitone and their 2k Show Clear. After finding a detailed video on YouTube that explained step by step how to remove the panel we got started.

Using an alcohol based precleaner I wiped and wiped the entire piece to remove not only any dirt but the years worth of silicates deposited by things like Armorall.

Once clean I masked off the edges of the panel as well as the A/C vents. Using 1/8th fine line to avoid paint build up around the vents. Then using a Grey scuff pad I prepped the area for paint. Once sufficiently scuffed, I cleaned the part again avoiding touching it with bare hands because of Oil contamination. Double checked my Taping and got ready for the fun part.

I was able to cheat by using a black sealer and thereby able to skip purchasing black basecoat. After 2 coats of sealer I let it cure for 30 minutes before applying the multitone.

For those unfamiliar a Multitone finish is one that changes colors based on viewing angle. Made famous by companies like PPG with their Harlequin line and House of Kolors and their Khameleon line.
They are usually based in black and requiring between 3 & 5 coats to achieve the desired flop.

I ended applying 5 coats with a 10 minute wait between coats. Once the desired flop was achieved I let it set for an hour before clearing. The first coat was a quick tack coat, waited 10mins then added my first heavy coat making sure to mind overlaps and keep the gun moving. After letting that flash for 20mind I added my final heavy coat.

My Wife loved it so much she had me paint the speaker covers on the Dash as well as the trim rings around the passenger A/C vents.

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