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Refill CV grease; refit axle drive shaft

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In the process of replacing the front suspension on my '01 9-3, the drive shaft on the front passenger side came away from its connection to the transmission. When I tried to refit the shaft back into place, the boot came away and some grease came out. Having no idea what to do next, I eventually reconnected the shaft and refitted the boot. Now I have some questions:

1. While the shaft was disconnected, I know I rotated it somewhat from it's original position in the joint. I think I read in the Haynes manual that when refitting the shaft, it needed to go back into the exact orientation that it came out. Is this true? I don't think it's possible for me to do that. Also, could I have scratched/nicked the bearings in any way?

2. Although not all the grease came out, how do I know how much grease it needs under the boot? I bought some replacement grease but don't know if any particular type is recommended (with moly, etc.).

3. On the container of the grease it says the old grease from the fitting must be removed completely as different types of grease shouldn't be mixed. Is this true and how is the best way to do this?

4. When trying to refit the large side of the boot over the joint, I had to loosen up the metal band which holds it on. The band looks like a "one-time use" only thing so I bought some replacements. Are new bands necessary?

The boots are in good condition, and as far as I can tell there's nothing wrong with the axle shaft, so didn't think any of it needed to be replaced. I hope I haven't damaged anything in my ignorance and I searched through this site for any threads directly related to this problem but didn't find anything quite the same. I would appreciate any input or suggestions as to what I should do. Thanks in advance!