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1996 Saab 900 SE Turbo Recommended Upgrades?

I have a 96 SE Turbo when I bought the car it was in bad shape mainly cosmetic damage. After doing the bondo and primer work I started replacing little things on the motor. I think I have pretty much replaced every small part I could! - Here is a list of things replaced or added to help try and improve performance on the low end cost of things.

New Spark Plugs
Replacement Lugs
Oil Filter and Oil Replaced
Turbo Anti-Freeze Line Replaced
Spectra Cold Air Intake – (Temporary for Injen Filter)
Manual Boost Controller
Saab Genuine Intake Plug
Atmospheric Blow-Off Valve

I have a 2.5 inch Turbo-back exhaust coming in 3 weeks that should give it about 12HP - The B204L is rated at 185HP stock the 12HP brings me up to 197HP and maybe 5HP or so from the CAI.

My question is, besides the CAI and replacement parts I added already what are some other small things I can do to get a few more HP out of it without spending lots of money? - if there isn't anything then what would you experienced Saab owners recommend I upgrade next?

I was thinking about fuel injectors since they are fairly easy to replace and I am not that mechanically inclined... Do you have any ideas? Thanks.
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