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I just got a Saab last week and I am loving it. I guess this is one of those cars that do not get much love from outsiders but you realize its worth when you own one.

The only issue at present is what I assume is the recirculation motor. It comes on when the engine is started and persists after it is turned off. While the car is running, nothing seems to shut it off. I have pressed the recirculation button and it does nothing. Is this a symptom of a broken tooth of the recirculation motor?

I found a good thread on Saab Central that mentions how to fix it but it was for a left hand drive car while mine is right hand drive. Would the fix be the same or would I have to look out for other things as well? From what I could gather, the only tools that I would need are the Torx screwdrivers 20 and 25. Am I right?

I was quoted AUD 100 to replace this with a reconditioned motor but would rather save that money and put it into tuning which apparently increases the power by 50% and that costs AUD 380.

Lastly, I found a simpler fix ( but could not do what Joe mentioned in the post.

Thanks for the advise guys!
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