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Recall 05930330

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Does anyone know about the recall No. 05930330 MAY 93? Apparently it was for chattering timing chains on 1991 Turbo engines? I just thought, if it's still active, I might get mine replaced for free... now that would be nice.

I had a Golf once that needed a new heater matrix, went to local parts shop, said how much, he said what year, I said '88, he said, "have you had the recall?" I said no, he said go to VW and check, so I did. Safty recall on my car was still active - and I got a new heater matrix too... fanastic. Saved my £200 in parts and time.
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where do they come up with thoes numbers?


why not 45678663 or 965758278, but wait i like the sound of 554936789328

i always wondered. my parents got a recall notice last month for our dodge durango, like 16 didgits then four characters. who comes up with these?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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