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Recall 05930330

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Does anyone know about the recall No. 05930330 MAY 93? Apparently it was for chattering timing chains on 1991 Turbo engines? I just thought, if it's still active, I might get mine replaced for free... now that would be nice.

I had a Golf once that needed a new heater matrix, went to local parts shop, said how much, he said what year, I said '88, he said, "have you had the recall?" I said no, he said go to VW and check, so I did. Safty recall on my car was still active - and I got a new heater matrix too... fanastic. Saved my £200 in parts and time.
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Hang on... I've just had a thought. If I take my car to a Saab garage, they won't know what to do with it.

They won't know where to plug their computer in for a start. And if one of them gets adventurous and opens the bonnet, they might get oil on their immaculatly clean overalls.

Best leave it to the specialist. They're mechanics, after all.
Hmmm... nothing there that I can see... still, I'm going to do the chain anyway in a couple of weeks (I would do it sooner, but sadly there's a small thing called Holiday... oh well... sun, sea... rental cars with air con.)

Timing chain... welding... rear suspention... front roll bar... the rust...

All things come to those that wait.

And have plenty of money :cry:
I think it's because a number is pretty ambiguous. If they put out a recall titled "Possible Break Failure at High Speed, see also steering wheel link - could cause Death", it might get a few people a bit nervous about their cars.

I think 123-456-789/A is just right.
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