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Rear Wheel Bearings

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The rear wheel bearings cannot be replaced seperately, one has to replace the whole hub.

Or so the trusty manual tells me.

I have shopped around for new hubs including bearings and the best price I've found is about £70 each incl. VAT (OEM quality).

Only one really needs replacing, by the way, but I'm of the opinion it's best to do these things in pairs where possible.

Now I'm assuming a local engineering co. could seat new bearings into my existing hubs. My questions are:

1. Can anyone suggest somewhere I could get a better deal on the whole hubs (without scrimping on quality)?

2. Would I save much by getting the existing ones refurbed? Bearing in mind that I live in Swindon, Wilts. does anyone know someone local to me that could do it?

3. Any advice for doing this job?

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Fraser: from 1981 onwards the 900 was fitted with bearings that were an integral part of the hub; before that, the bearings were renewable.
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