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I changed my rear pads/rotors this past weekend and thought I'd change
the rear swaybar bushings (while I had both sides of the car up). I had purchased the Powerflex bushings a while ago and thought I'd finally put them on. Thought it would be a cheap upgrade.

I removed the one 15mm nut holding one bushing mount onto
the car on one side. But, I could not for the life of me get the bushing
clamp and bushing off...all I could do is rotate it as one piece around the sway bar. Rather than tear up the bushing or clamp/mount I simply gave
up and bolted it back on. Does anyone know how this mount/clamp comes off the bushing. I assumed it's rusted together and ones needs
to tear up the bushing to pry it apart (so one can put a new bushing on)?

Note: Eventually I have to replace the rear trailing arm bushings (see powerflex makes one) as well as the rear balljoint/crossstay. Wish powerflex made the balljoint ones. The labor for the rear bushings replacements seems costly and its a shame it all wears out.

2003 aero sedan.
99K miles now.
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