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Rear rattle Aero V6 xwd

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Hi all,

Sounds like panel rattle, had rear bumper off, checked/reformed heat shields, all interior rear interior trim panels,parcel shelf removed.........looked for anything obvious with all these off. Still there. Mrs sat in the back with interior panels off said it sounded like in the wheel arch.

Had inner wheel well cover off---nothing. Checked wiring all secure.......I'm out of ideas.

Suggestions anyone?

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No noise coming from there but will check again 馃憤馃徎
No spare 鈥攋ust puncture repair kit in foam 1/4 circular holder.
Rear drop links /end links on sway bar cause it?
It鈥檚 always there -worse on bumpy roads..but even backing down the driveway -rattle鈥.

I鈥檝e had a look under there all looks tight -but those rear ones are little stubby things鈥攊s removal the only way to tell if they鈥檙e stuffed鈥攍ike front ones -if easy to move up & down etc worn out.

I鈥檝e noticed a 鈥榖all joint鈥 on the cross stay 鈥攄o these fail & become noisey ??
Found !!! Rear Drop link !
1 - 5 of 8 Posts