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Rear control arm stud snapped :(

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Hey guys...

Tried to replace the control arm bushings in my car. Got the arm out fine, but when it came time to loosen the nut that holds on the rear mount, it did about 1/2 turn and then snapped :evil:

So am I hosed? Do I really need to buy a whole new control arm? :cry:

Massively frustrating because I had already replaced both front strut mounts and the passenger side wheel bearing, and this was all I had left to do! I thought I was saving the easiest for last :lol:
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You need a new control arm.
That's what I was worried about. I was hoping the stud would be replaceable but it looks like it is pressed in :(

I managed to get the drivers side nut off without breaking the stud! Unfortunately both of the bushings are completely seized on to the studs! I have tried everything (including FIRE and lots of cursing) and I cannot them to come off :evil::evil:

On top of that, I found out the replacement bushings that Eeuroparts sent me are for the 02+ model...:evil::evil::evil: It's just not my day is it. :roll:

If I can't get off the bushing, I may have to replace the drivers side control arm as well. In that case, since I already have the 02+ bushings, I might as well put in 02+ control arms as well. I will need new balljoints but that is cheap compared to the rest of the stuff I had to replace.
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