One of 281 produced in "hero color" lime yellow. Always garaged as the paint and flawless top will attest. Impressively optioned for its era with things like rain-sensing wipers, park assist, heated seats, pwr everything - see sticker reproduction for full list. Top/tonneau actuation is unique and attention-getting. Wheels refinished to factory-new appearance.
Extensive recent (mileage) service, runs perfectly. Always owned in Southern California. 2 households owned in past 15 years.

Car is 99.9% stock. Just some carbon-fibre-look trim pieces have been added to the dash/console and custom-fitted vinyl seat covers over the front seats (do we call them vegan leather? :-D ). Appear stock, cover damaged leather.

Driver door lock actuator is finicky - always unlocks but can take a couple of presses to lock. Trunk can be popped with key or button in car, but the button under the trunklid is not functioning. Paint quality is overall excellent, but there are dings in the rear quarter and some damage to lower-rear bumper cover (see photos). Some of the soft-touch rubber/plastic on the radio knobs and buttons are worn.

This car is a reliable, fun ride that gets compliments everywhere you take it.

Chris Rogers
[email protected]