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Havent used my saab for a number of weeks, and had it in the garage with a smart battery charger on it.

Tonight I disconnected the charger and went to turn it on to back it from the garage. All of a sudden my left turn signal started blinking erratically.

It would blink normal with the stalk in left turn position, erratically left when in the center spot, and not at all when I had it in the right position.

I did find this thread:

Which sounds identical except I do not have an airbag or similar fault...

But no indication of a fix yet. Perhaps a CIM, but no indication. Steering unlocks just fine, no errors, CELs, airbag lights or anything else indicated at the moment at least...

I disconnected my battery for a few minutes. Battery read 12.77V OCV at the terminals. I do have a scangauge attached, and it shows 14.6V charging after startup, so electrical seems to be fine.

After reconnecting the battery, it was fine for maybe 15 seconds, then the random blinking started, but the right blinker worked. Then it went away, and seems to be fine - no erratic blinking in the center position, just correct operation in left and right positions. I have not driven it, so tomorrow will tell when I actually use the car...

But Ive searched, and the linked thread shown above is the only relevant thing Ive seen. Any thoughts on the issue or what I am going to expect?

Does this mean it is just a matter of time before a CIM, or is it just a matter of a computer reboot now and again makes things work?

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